Awesome. I meet with them Saturday. Very prompt and professional.

Les W.          April 8, 2016


I have no complaints against Angela she is pleasant, polite and patient. I look forward to going and enjoy it everything.

Johnetta S. June 24, 2016


My son loves working with Mr. Traynor. He is a very patient man

Corrina B.   June 7, 2016


As a returning adult piano player, Kevin Traynor has provided exactly the sort of intellectual stimulus, guidance and support that I was seeking. The lessons are great for me, and I hope are engaging for both of us, good-natured and reflecting deep musical interest. I look forward to continuing lessons for a long time to come and continuing progress. I feel very fortunate to have connected with Mr. Traynor.

Wendell L. June 10, 2016


Such an incredible experience .. from the moment that we met with Kevin and Angela, I could tell that they were incredibly talented teachers but also very professional in running their business. I started my piano lessons in my 40′s and Angela never made me feel as though I wasn’t giving it my best or should be moving at a faster pace. She was patient and encouraging all while keeping my busy mind on task. I am sure that I challenged her at times more than her younger students yet her quick laugh and gentle spirit kept the lesson light and moving forward. I always looked forward to my evenings with her, first as a teacher and then as a friend. I refer everyone that I know to her and I have yet to hear of an unhappy family.

Kerri N. on August 27, 2013


Our first grader has had an amazing experience with Mr. Kevin Traynor as her piano teacher! He has a gentle demeanor, all the while keeping her excited to learn. She looks forward to her lessons each and every week! As a busy mom of three, I am utterly thrilled with the convenience of having lessons at home!

Shayna B. on April 23, 2013


We could not have chosen a better fit for our family than we did when we found Traynor Piano. Angela has taken two reluctant pre-teens and given them an amazing repertoire, as well as the confidence to try new things and a true love of music. The convenience of having her visit our home is incredibly valuable to our time-strapped family. After more than four years, we still look forward to visits from Angela every week.

Angela M. on August 4, 2011


I would highly recommend Kevin and Angela to teach your child piano. Both of my children have taken from Kevin for years. He is great at really getting to know your child and their style of learning. He was able to identify my kids strengths and interests and use that to really help them learn. I also very much appreciate their organization and commitment.

Cindy B. on August 4, 2011


Kevin and Angela Traynor are remarkable, talented individuals. Kevin was able to take our son from not wanting to continue piano to a young man who is so grateful he continued. Kevin has such a mild manner and the patience needed to help kids and teens stay on task. He still holds our son’s interest as a high-school-age student. He has taught Pat to play some of the rock songs on piano that he loves and listens to. This, combined with the classical methods used by the Traynors, has just made a world of difference for Pat.

Not long after Kevin began teaching my son, our back door neighbor’s daughter, who is a year older than Pat (they are 16 and 17, respectively) was so impressed that he was teaching in her home not too long after. These kids were in early middle school at the time they were introduced to the Traynors, and both still take lessons and play beautifully.

Angela Traynor is also extremely talented, and as kind and generous as Kevin. They are so easy to work and interact with. I feel they are our good friends as well as super piano teachers.

We recommend Traynor Piano to every one, including dear friends, that has an interest.

Jill N. on September 4, 2011


Angela and Kevin are both exceptional. The custom instructional books they have written together to teach children are absolutely perfect. My child at 5 years old was able to understand the concepts and even would go over the book and teach myself and her younger sister of 3 years. After 1 year of lessons for my 5 year old she was able to read and comprehend music notes and symbols and play with both hands together. I think it is amazing what Angela has taught her. One of the best things about their technique is that the children have fun playing piano. Also, with the skills my child has gained she is even confident at the age of 6 to create here own music as well. My child loves learning piano with Angela and wants to continue to play.

Kerri P. on August 4, 2011


Angela is a wonderful piano teacher. She has a great sense of humor which makes learning fun. I am one of her students. I am on medical leave right now but hope to get back to my lessons in the fall. Angela has a great personality and makes each student feel special, regardless of their skill level. She is very patient with her students and puts them at ease. She not only is an accomplished pianist, her teaching method is condusive to learning. She relates to her students in a way that make new concepts easy to grasp and understand which is very important. Some teachers may know their subject matter very well but are unable to relate to students or explain things in ways that the student can understand. Angela is not only skilled at her craft, she knows how to meet each student on their own level. Angela tailors each lesson to the individual student’s needs and knows what works with one may not always work with another. If you want quality teaching at an affordable price plus the bonus of lessons in your own home, I would highly recommend Angela Traynor.

Mark L. on May 2, 2011